River of Life Christian School




River of Life Christian School is a ministry of River of Life Baptist Church. As a part of the team ministries at River of Life, the school exists to help parents and families in Tucson and Southern Arizona communities to educate their children in an environment that focuses on quality education that is biblical in its world view, contemporary in its educational practices, and individually tailored to meet the needs of each student who attends our school. River of Life Christian School is a K4-12 program that integrates faith into the curriculum rather than compartmentalizing faith as something different from the real world. River of Life has been planting the love of Jesus into students hearts since 1975. Most students feel as if it is one big family. The teachers are there to help and guide students academically and spiritually. River of Life Christian School, while a ministry of River of Life Baptist Church, works with students who attend other churches or have no church affiliation at all. It is a school of diverse cultural backgrounds, walks of life, presenting each student the opportunity to interact and learn from each other.