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About Us


River of Life Christian School

 River of Life Christian School is a ministry of River of Life Baptist Church. As a part of the team ministries at River of Life, the school exists to help parents and families in Tucson and Southern Arizona communities to educate their children in an environment that focuses on quality education that is biblical in its world view, contemporary in its educational practices, and individually tailored to meet the needs of each student who attends our school. River of Life Christian School is a K4-12 program that integrates faith into the curriculum rather than compartmentalizing faith as something different from the real world. River of Life has been planting the love of Jesus into students hearts since 1975. Most students feel as if it is one big family. The teachers are there to help and guide students academically and spiritually. River of Life Christian School, while a ministry of River of Life Baptist Church, works with students who attend other churches or have no church affiliation at all. It is a school of diverse cultural backgrounds, walks of life, presenting each student the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. 


Who are we?

We are broken and wounded people.

We are imperfect and willing to acknowledge that we fall short of the standard that God has established. There are those who see us as hypocrites and we understand how that is an image so easily seen by many in our world today. However, we are people who know who we are that we stand before God the Father, not in ourselves, but in Jesus Christ.

We are people in pursuit of being all that God wants us to be. We acknowledge that we have been called to be holy and that as we walk through this life, if we let him, he will help us be all that he wants us to be. We recognize that we are flesh and that we are, or can be, given to temptation and sin. We do not acknowledge ths as an excuse to continue  to sin. We admit that we could not continue to sin if we truly understand who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for us. Yet, we do concede that we do sin and are in need of forgiveness - forgiveness freely offered by Jesus and freely received by us. 

We are people who choose to see one another as Christ sees us. We understand that as part of the Body of Christ; race, politics, socio-economic status, age or language should not be the things that divide us, but that we unite thogether with each other in spite of our differences. Yes, that can and does create problems and issues, but because we hold to each other first and foremost in Christ, we are committed to working through these issues. 

We are people who are commited to the Word of God. We seek to know it, not in part or in fragments, but as a whole, We give ourselves to the study of the Bible not just to know it, but also to understand it and apply it to our lives. We are nor afraid of questions because we are committed to finding the answers that God has revealed. .


Our Core Values

  1. We believe that we are saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We are saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and not by anything that we do.
  2. We believe that all believers are gifted by God for ministry.
  3. We believe that prayer is foundational to all that we do.
  4. We believe in continual growth in knowledge, deed and faithful stewardship of all that God has given us. 
  5. We believe in joyful heartfelt worship
  6. We believe in community
  7. We believe that lost people matter to God and that reaching out and bringing people to Christ is not optional
  8. We believe we serve Christ by serving others.
  9. We believe in risking comfort for effective ministry
  10. We believe that God is at work here in Tucson, and around the world and that He is inviting us to join Him.