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Our Goal as a church is simply Exalting God. We believe we do this by engaging in worship, extending the Kingdom, equipping the body and encouraging the family. I want to touch on those four objectives and remind us of who we are as a church and what we believe God wants us to do.

To be a church engaging in worship.

To be a church equipping the body.

To be a church that encourages the Family (not just the nuclear family, but the family of God in all its forms.) 

To be a church actively participating with Christ to extend the Kingdom.


1 Corinthians 10:31-32

  • This means that God is the center of everything we do here. Not me, not any program, not any ministry.
  • It means that even in the simple things we need to keep in mind that we are doing things to Gods glory.
  • This means that we are ware that even the smallest details of work here at River of Life needs to occur with the mindset that God's glory needs to be reflected in it.
  • This means that we want to be a church where people are motivated by a passion to honor Christ.